Design/Etch By Richard Smith
Custom Etched Commemorative Photo Plates
for Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations

For that very Special Occasion...

Whether it's an anniversary, graduation, birthday, wedding, baby shower, house warming, or if you are just giving a gift,
a plate with an etched reproduction of your special photograph will create a VERY unique and personalized gift.

Costs include the plate and all etching charges: photo set-up, sand etching of a title and image.
(Title has maximum of 4 lines of text - in the font of your choice.)

Click on any picture to enlarge plates, and view details

10" Black Stoneware
$65US plus shipping.
My personal favourite
the black plate really enhances the etch

10" Cobalt Glass
$65US plus shipping.
Curved lip glass plate
with a wonderous colour

9" Clear Glass
$59US plus shipping.

10" Clear Glass
$59US plus shipping.

10" Cobalt Glass
$65US plus shipping.

10" Cobalt Glass
$72US plus shipping.

What I will need to create your special plate:

1. The photo (or image) that you want on the plate (either as an email attachment, or via mail).
2. The text, and font style that you'd like.
3. The style of plate that you would prefer.
4. Pre-payment of plate, and shipping (shipping will be dependent upon the method of shipping, and where you are located - email me for costs.

Click here to order your Commemorative Plate

If you would like to see what your plate will look like, send me your image, I will convert it to a half-tone that I can etch, and email you a copy for your approval. If you mail an image, I will return the photo to you with the etched plate.

My mailing address is:
Richard Smith, 90 Gorham Rd, Glenwood, Kings Co, NB Canada E5M 2N2

Wholesale prices and quantity discounts available upon request.

Pay by credit card securely through:
No charge to join or send money.

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